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Egg or Sperm Donation

Sometimes, it may not be possible for you or your partner’s sperm or eggs to be used in conceiving. In these cases, Dr Tamara Hunter can provide you with a comprehensive and supportive program to assist you in your journey to have a baby.

Known donations

In the case of her practice, Dr Tamara Hunter uses a known donor program. This means that the donor eggs or sperm are from someone known to the couple trying to have a baby.

All known donors wishing to participate in the program are required to undergo a comprehensive history and full medical examination and screening blood tests.

Generally, donors should be aged in their late twenties to early thirties, and have no medical or genetic conditions. The ideal female donor has had children and even finished her family.


The donation process

Everyone involved in a known donation situation must attend counselling which will start a “cooling off” period which allows the donors to reconsider their commitment to the donation. A follow-up session is held 90 days later which concludes this period, and we then move to the creation journey.

For egg donation, the embryos created during this process are required to be quarantined for six months. At the completion of this time, a frozen embryo transfer cycle is undertaken.e.For sperm donation, a sample is frozen and quarantined for 6 months before being used in an IVF cycle.

With sperm donation, art of the quarantine period can be served concurrently with the “cooling off” time.

Why is donor counselling so important?

Counselling is compulsory for all those who are considering donating their eggs or sperm. The couple donating must attend a minimum of two counselling sessions which gives them the opportunity to talk through the implications of donation with a professional counsellor.

Counselling allows for:

  • An assessment of your suitability to donate.
  • It also gives you time to talk through your feelings about donating and how this may affect your life, now and in the future.

It’s an integral part of the process that all parties have the opportunity to reflect upon what they are planning and have the freedom to be able to talk openly and in confidence about such an important decision.

Often, my patients say that they feel understood as a woman, a man, or a couple, because I listen. I focus on establishing a safe and nurturing relationship with you as a patient, and on the quality of our communication. It works both ways: it means I listen to your life and I see you as the whole person that you are (yes you can call it holistic). And I make sure I help you fully understand your health situation, your choices and the steps of your treatment journey.
Dr Tamara Hunter
Fertility specialist & Gynaecologist
Perth WA

We are here to help

Your decision to use the donation process is fundamental, and for this reason, we aim to provide you with as much information as you require when you meet with Dr Hunter.

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Dr Tamara Hunter

Dr Tamara Hunter is the only female Certified Specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (CREI) in Perth. “My role is to help you identifying the problem, and choosing the right treatment with you and your family. In the Fertility area I help with identifying the causes why you’re not falling pregnant, or assist with sperm, egg or embryo preservation.”

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  • Donation

    Sometimes, it may not be possible for you or your partner’s sperm or eggs to be used in conceiving. In these cases, Dr Tamara Hunter can provide you with a comprehensive and supportive program to assist you in your journey to have a baby.

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