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Menstrual Disorder Treatment

Menstruation is a major stage of puberty in girls, and happens at regular intervals of 21 to 35 days.
As a woman, your menstrual period prepares you for sexual reproduction and fertilisation. Having a regular menstrual cycle is a clear sign of health in your reproductive organs. But abnormalities in that area, such as delayed or early menstrual periods, excessive pain & bleeding during your periods, need attention. They indicate you might have a gynaecological condition, and immediate medical attention and sometimes intervention is important.

Treatment Options for Menstrual Disorders

There are many different types of menstrual disorders and as such there are a variety of different treatment options.

This is the lack of periods either having never started (primary amenorrhea) or started but then stopped for at least 3 months (secondary amenorrhea). The main treatment is to identify the underlying cause and treat this. If it is unexplained then hormone replacement therapy is required.

Or painful periods can initially be managed with anti-inflammatory analgesia and then if this is not effective then institution of the combined oral contraceptive pill (COCP) can be tried.

This is when you have excessive bleeding – either the length of time or the amount of blood loss. Identification of an underlying cause should be undertaken and directed treatment undertaken – medically or surgically. Tranexamic acid (anti-fibrinolytic) can reduce the bleeding by up to 40%. The COCP or Mirena IUD can also be instituted. Surgical interventions include endometrial ablation or hysterectomy. Future fertility and pregnancy can be affected by the various treatments so these should be discussed with your gynaecologist.

menstrual disorder treatment
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This is irregular periods and investigation for an underlying cause should be undertaken. Hormonal agents such as the COCP can be used to regulate or suppress irregular periods.

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