Embryo Preservation

Embryo preservation is about freezing embryos that have been created using IVF. Embryo freezing technology could be used if you are about to undergo treatment for cancer which is known to reduce fertility potential in the future. Obviously you will need to have a long term partner to do this. You could also create and freeze embryos if your partner is due to undergo treatment with fertility reducing medication. So the right moment to talk to your specialist about embryo preservation, would be when you are planning the cancer treatment.

Why consider Embryo Preservation?

Various reasons
In your unique situation, you and your partner may have various reasons to look into embryo preservation.

Storing and freezing an embryo as part of an IVF cycle has multiple benefits: there are less instances of multiple births, and as a couple you now have a back-up in case a fresh embryo transfer doesn't result in a pregnancy.

Embryo Preservation
I believe you deserve to be nurtured as you embark on that journey. There are moments of insecurity and doubt. There are moments of hope. What you need throughout the journey is a specialist doctor who listens to how you are experiencing the information and the steps of your treatment.
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What that means is a "second chance" without the cost of starting IVF all over again. Since the embryos develop for a few days before they are being frozen, they can be monitored. The embryo that ends up being preserved and frozen, is the one that has the best probability of resulting in a pregnancy.

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