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Hormonal Management in Adolescent Gynaecology

There are many reasons as an adolescent girl you might take hormone medications.
The most common reason is for contraception or control of menstrual cycles.

Reasons Hormonal Management

The combined oral contraceptive pill contains both estrogen and progestogen hormones. This can be taken in a cyclical manner to get a regular period or can be run ‘back to back’ in order to miss periods completely. Many people worry that this may affect future fertility or cycles - this is not the case. Other hormone contraceptives include the progesterone only preparations (Depto Provera, Implanon, Mirena IUD) and the combined vaginal ring (Nuvaring).

Other reasons
Other reasons why adolescent girls may need to go on hormone would be if they have stopped having periods (secondary amenorrhea), never got periods although have pubertal development (primary amenorrhea) or never had pubertal development (delayed puberty).

hormonal management
As a young girl, you need a safe, nurturing environment to talk about women's health. As a parent, you can count on my own experience as a specialist, as a woman, and as a mother. My first step is to make sure that we are all comfortable to talk about any type of gynaecological topic.
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In these cases the estrogen is important to help with development of secondary sexual characteristics (ie breast development) and also grow the size of the uterus to maturity to ensure conception is possible in future. Hormones are also important to protect bone and heart health in the long term.

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