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Other Methods to assist with getting Pregnant

IVF and ICSI are not the only alternative methods available to parenthood. Here are a few other infertility treatment methods:

Ovulation Induction: Medication is used to produce more follicles - and more eggs.
Superovulation: Stimulating the ovaries to produce more eggs.
Intra Uterine Insemination: The sperm is artificially inserted into the uterine cavity, to give a better chance of finding its egg.
Egg/Sperm Donation: Receiving eggs or sperm from donors, to overcome challenges or obstacles with your own or your partner's cells.

Ovulation Induction

This is treatment designed to assist women who don’t ovulate at all or only ovulate on an occasional basis. This medication is either given in tablet or injectable form. The intention is to encourage just one egg to be ovulated, however on occasion 2 or 3 get ovulated simultaneously and increases the risk of twin pregnancy. That is why this treatment should occur in conjunction with tracking blood tests and ultrasounds


This is medication is given to encourage the release of one or 2 eggs at a time and is often combined with intrauterine insemination of sperm (IUI). This infertility treatment will marginally increase the background chance of a couple of conceiving. It is often used for ‘unexplained infertility’ or mild male factor infertility

Intrauterine Insemination

This is where a prepared sample of sperm is placed in the uterine cavity at the time of ovulation. This is often combined with Superovulation treatment.

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Egg/Sperm Donation

This is where, as part of an IVF or IUI program, donated eggs or sperm are used to overcome the fertility challenges of you or your partner.

Typically, sperm donors will be subject to similar health and identity checks:

  • Aged between 18 and 45
  • No illness or disease that could be passed on
  • No genetic conditions
  • No risk of STDs, HIV/AIDS
  • Provide details about family medical history and lifestyle
  • Proof of permanent address
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