What is a Uterine Septum?

The uterine septum is a thin sheet of tissue that divides the cavity partly or completely. If it is small, it may be overlooked on a 2-dimensional ultrasound scan.

Causes and Diagnosing

A uterine septum is a developmental anomaly of the uterus as it is developing as a fetus in the womb. It is usually asymptomatic for the woman but can increase the chances of her suffering miscarriage.

It can easily be missed on routine scans. In general it can be diagnosed only after several miscarriages, or in the process of thorough infertility examinations, or during a pap-smear.

Uterine Septum

If you have been diagnosed with a Uterine Septum, most of the time it can be treated with surgery. The additional tissue is cut, so that a more normal area is created, for implantation to occur. After this surgery, the uterus is in a better condition to carry a pregnancy to term.

Treatment for Uterine Septum

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