Embryo/ Egg/ Sperm Freezing

Depending on your situation, your current health challenges, your age, and the quality of your cells and your partner's cells, you may need to preserve cells for the future. Sperm Freezing preserves your partner's sperm for a later timeframe. Egg Freezing, harvesting and saving your eggs for the future. Or Embryo Freezing, when a fertilised egg is stored to be thawed at a later stage and transferred into the uterus.

What are the preservation/freezing options?

Sperm Freezing
Sperm freezing might be used in a situation, when you're not available on the day of your partner's IVF treatment. Or in case your sperm counts are affected by other treatments or your personal condition.

Egg Freezing
Fertility drugs are used for ovulation induction, your eggs are retrieved (harvested from your ovaries) and then they are frozen unfertilised, for preservation purposes.

Embryo Freezing
Embryo Freezing means that your eggs are being harvested, fertilised with your partner’s or a donor’s sperm, and then preserved at extremely low temperatures.

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