Endometrial Polyp

An Endometrial Polyp is a growth in your uterus. It attaches to the inner wall and can extend into your uterine cavity, ranging from a couple of millimetres to a few centimetres. They are usually benign, and can occur in women of all ages.


Polyps often present with intermenstrual bleeding (bleeding between the periods) or even bleeding after intercourse. Sometimes they can be found incidentally on an ultrasound being done for a different reason. In older women they can present as post-menopausal bleeding.

An abnormal bleeding in a menstrual cycle should be investigated as you could have a polyp that needs to be removed.

Endometrial Polyp

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Although mostly benign, polyps can cause problems with infertility and a small percentage of them can be cancerous - so they should be taken seriously.

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