How to Prepare for IVF

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Many couples worry about how to prepare for IVF. In vitro fertilisation can leave couples with a lot of uncertainty.

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Stress and IVF

Knowing how to prepare for IVF includes both partners. Many factors contribute to the stress of the treatment including worries about infertility, the cost of the treatment, and the physical stress of the procedures.

Both partners need to prepare for IVF emotionally and physically. There’s no need to keep yourself away from the people and activities you love. In fact, making time for your friends and family is better for you during IVF.

how to prepare for IVF

Effects of Stress During Pregnancy

So it’s important that you watch out for stress in each other during IVF treatment. Stress can affect any woman and baby during pregnancy, not just couples going through IVF. It’s a good idea to create stress reducing routines before IVF.

Set a regular sleep pattern. Join a yoga or stretching class. Learn how to meditate. Talk to a therapist on a regular basis. Get regular, gentle exercise. Ask for help reducing stress at work.

Factor In a Good Routine

When you know you are going in for IVF treatments, it’s even more important to get healthy meals and a regular sleep pattern. Once you’ve started the IVF treatments, the hormones and treatment will change up your life a little.

Honestly, you want to make sure your body is rested and you’re eating well. Maybe consider replacing some of the caffeine and processed foods in your diet with more fresh fruit and vegetables, and protein rich foods.

how to prepare for IVF

Depression and IVF

It’s important that you share with the fertility specialist if either partner is struggling emotionally. Talk to your fertility doctor if either partner is unable to cope with emotional stress during the treatment. For both of you, there’s good outcomes from having the support of an accredited fertility counsellor during IVF.

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