IVF Success Rates

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As a specialist Fertility consultant at the Fertility Specialists of Western Australia (FSWA), I know the importance of understanding the success rates of IVF. The below information gives a more detailed explanation of IVF success rates.

Explanation of success rates

These results include patients at both Fertility Specialists WA & Fertility Specialists South. They are the most recent set of data available as they can only be collated after the birth of a baby.

  • Fertility Specialists routinely performs transfers of single embryos, with 99% of transfers being a single embryo transfer.
IVF success rates
  • A clinical pregnancy is recorded when either (i) the presence of an intrauterine sac (with or without a fetal heart) is observed on ultrasound, (ii) chorionic villi are observed in products of conception, (iii) an ectopic pregnancy is diagnosed or (iv) a pregnancy is ongoing at 20 weeks gestation.

  • Success rates do vary significantly depending on many patient related factors and also the type of treatment undertaken. The clinic can provide further detail with respect to success rates for different treatments on request.
IVF success rates

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