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Monash IVF Perth

Monash IVF Perth

In this article, you'll be taken on a tour inside Monash IVF's Perth clinic, highlighting our welcoming state-of-the-art facilities. Plus, you'll learn about the rich history of our revamped fertility clinic in West Leederville.

Monash IVF Perth

"West Leederville - the first WA IVF baby was made right here"

Many people ask me what it is like being a Perth fertility specialist, and I always say it's the most incredible job because it truly makes a difference in many lives. Yes, there's hardship, like the struggle to conceive, unsuccessful fertility treatments, or miscarriages.

But the overwhelming joy that comes with the pictures of babies born to those we've helped makes it all worth it. Those moments are why I do what I do.

As a gynaecologist and fertility specialist, I consult at Woom in West Perth. Woom is a women’s health clinic and we provide a range of medical and allied health services, including gynaecology and women’s health GP services, pelvic physiotherapy, psychological support, and dietary advice. But when it comes to fertility treatment, I collaborate with Monash IVF in Perth. It’s a new name in Perth, but well-known over east.

Here are some standout moments Monash IVF achieved:

  • 1973: World’s first IVF pregnancy, sadly, this pregnancy did not last, ending in the very early stages.
  • 1980: Australia’s first IVF birth
  • 1983: World’s first frozen embryo birth
  • 1984: World’s first birth from donated eggs

Meanwhile, in 1981, Prof John Yovich started Pivet Medical Centre in West Leederville, the first IVF clinic in Perth. Until last year, John was the medical director and I took over when he retired in 2023.

“It’s an honour to work in an environment with such a rich medical and clinical history. The first IVF baby in WA was made right here in West Leederville.”
Dr Tamara Hunter, IVF Specialist Perth
Pivet Medical Centre is now Monash IVF Perth: Same location, very different set up to what it used to be.

Monash IVF Perth in West Leederville

Monash IVF: Sneak peek in our Perth fertility clinic

I feel grateful to work at Monash IVF in Perth, West Leederville. We've recently revamped our Perth fertility clinic and it's both modern and welcoming.
"We aimed to create a space where you feel comfortable and supported. Going through IVF - or any kind of fertility treatment - involves much more than just the medical procedures; it's about feeling a sense of trust and confidence with the team guiding your journey."
Dr Tamara Hunter, Woom Founder and Medical Director at Monash IVF West Leederville
Here at Monash IVF West Leederville, we've designed our waiting room to be a soothing space. With its gentle lighting, cosy seating, and peaceful decor, it offers a home-like atmosphere rather than feeling like a medical facility.

IVF treatment Perth

Look out for CREI credentials when choosing a fertility specialist

Starting a fertility clinic requires meeting stringent regulatory standards, having the right medical equipment, adhering to ethical patient care principles, and managing insurance and legal frameworks. It’s about creating a secure, state-of-the-art environment where patients feel supported throughout their fertility journey.

A lot is involved, and for you, it’s important that your fertility specialist has the right qualifications and expertise to address your specific needs.

In Australia, any gynaecologist might refer to themselves as a fertility specialist. But if you're searching for someone with deep expertise in reproductive endocrinology and infertility, keep an eye out for "CREI" after their name.

"Having CREI certification means we've dedicated years to specialised training and have in-depth knowledge to tackle complex fertility challenges, ensuring top-tier care for you."
Dr Tamara Hunter, CREI-certified Fertility Specialist Perth
CREI stands for Certified Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Specialists, focusing on a wide range of areas including infertility, IVF, ART, and more, from endometriosis to fibroids, and from fertility preservation to managing conditions like PCOS and menopause.
"As the only female CREI-certified specialist in WA, I bring over 15 years of training and patient care to the table. This certification isn't just a title; it's my commitment to providing the highest quality of reproductive health care, a commitment I share with a select group of fertility doctors nationwide."
Dr Tamara Hunter, CREI-certified Fertility Specialist Perth

IVF Perth

Dr Tamara Hunter for fertility and IVF treatment in Perth

Choosing a fertility doctor is a big deal, and I get that. You want someone who listens, supports you, and also makes sure you're getting the best medical and clinical care. At Monash IVF Perth, it's my goal to make sure you feel cared for in every way, from getting the emotional support you need to the best medical treatments out there. I'm here to make sure you're looked after, and understood, and that we're giving you the best chance at starting your family.

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