Dr Tamara Hunter on Pain Management

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The Global Health Index conducted an online survey regarding pain and here Dr Tamara Hunter discusses, with Channel 9 in Perth, an analysis of the results regarding Australian’s and effective pain management. “The survey itself … Read More

Dr Tamara Hunter on Osteoporosis Prevention

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osteoporosis prevention

Want to know about Osteoporosis prevention methods? Dr Tamara Hunter discusses on Channel 9 about what you can be doing to maintain great bone health. What is Osteoporosis: Wikipedia Osteoporosis is a disease where increased … Read More

Dr Tamara Hunter on Fertility

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tamara hunter fertility

Dr Tamara Hunter is a well respected Fertility Specialist in Perth. She’s often on Channel 9 talking about all types of health issues, but this topic is definitely her favourite. For more information on infertility, … Read More

Dr Tamara Hunter on Health Checks

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health checks perth

Health Checks? Dr Tamara Hunter explains on Channel 9 why health checks are important and how often you should go to your GP for a health check. What is a health check? A health check … Read More

Dr Tamara on Healthy Weight

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healthy weight

Healthy weight? What is it? Dr Tamara Hunter from Perth explains on Channel 9 what a healthy weight is and how you can obtain it.