Dr Tamara Hunter on the Dangers of Stress

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Stress and anxiety – everyone has different triggers and management techniques. However, sometimes the symptoms can be more extreme with GP’s now seeing physically healthy women in their 20s and 30s experiencing intense pain in … Read More

Dr Tamara Hunter on Pre-eclampsia

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There has been a potential breakthrough in detecting a deadly condition that affects 1 in 20 expecting mothers in Australia: Pre-eclampsia. While the condition is common it can be deadly with some women being forced … Read More

Dr Tamara Hunter on Pain Management

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The Global Health Index conducted an online survey regarding pain and here Dr Tamara Hunter discusses, with Channel 9 in Perth, an analysis of the results regarding Australian’s and effective pain management. “The survey itself … Read More

Dr Tamara Hunter on Osteoporosis Prevention

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osteoporosis prevention

Want to know about Osteoporosis prevention methods? Dr Tamara Hunter discusses on Channel 9 about what you can be doing to maintain great bone health. What is Osteoporosis: Wikipedia Osteoporosis is a disease where increased … Read More

Dr Tamara Hunter on Fertility

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tamara hunter fertility

Dr Tamara Hunter is a well respected Fertility Specialist in Perth. She’s often on Channel 9 talking about all types of health issues, but this topic is definitely her favourite. For more information on infertility, … Read More

Dr Tamara Hunter on Health Checks

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health checks perth

Health Checks? Dr Tamara Hunter explains on Channel 9 why health checks are important and how often you should go to your GP for a health check. What is a health check? A health check … Read More