What is ‘the fertility window’?

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Now you may be wondering, what is the fertility window? Should you have sex every day? If you have sex every other day will you miss the window?

Opening the “fertility window”

When you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s good to have sex 3 times a week. And, the perfect time is around ovulation. That means in a 28 day cycle, ovulation (egg production) is around day 14. Keep in mind, this may vary by a couple of days. I suggest starting from about day 12. Book it! (Put it in your diary.)

fertility window

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Let’s talk about sex, baby

Don’t wait for your partner to discover what makes you orgasm. Talk to each other about what you like, what you love, and what does not work. Shhhhh. Maybe it’s good to avoid talking to family and friends about trying to conceive. Really, that kind of pressure won’t help.

Don’t let the intimacy out

Somewhere a website wrote, it takes 7 minutes of foreplay for our bodies to get warmed up to sex. No matter how many minutes, the real magic is to relax and enjoy it. Stress not only has a negative influence on the success rate of conceiving — it’s just no fun. Play a little before jumping into it. Lube it up. Try a new position. Change the time of day, or the room. Lock the door and let loose.

fertility window

Baby-making anxiety

So, what if having sex (especially having sex often) hurts? Talk to the doctor about where the pain occurs and what triggers it. This is not only a clue to possible infertility, but the woman deserves to enjoy baby making, too. When done often and done right, good-sex relieves stress!

Fresh and frequent

Does sperm quality improve by saving-up? No. Actually, sperm quality gets worse if it’s not released often. Evidence shows that a second daily ejaculation reduces the impact of oxidative stress on sperm! Usually, healthy couples can conceive naturally in 3 months. Depending on your age, health and changes to lifestyle it can be perfectly ok to take 12 months of trying.

Fertility treatment: What to expect?

Still worried? Most couples do not need fertility treatments. For those couples who do need some help, I discuss what fertility treatment is like in this video. The best answer to your fertility concerns is to book a consult and to discuss your worries.

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